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  • Are energy efficient – use low energy and pull little current so they are inexpensive to run
  • Have longer product life – lasting ten times longer than your general incandescent bulbs so you have fewer replacement costs and reduced maintenance expenses
  • Produce low heat output so you realize savings in your air conditioning costs


LEDs in Hotels, Hospitality and Restaurants:

In direct electricity savings alone, a facility that uses LEDs for 24 hour applications can net the initial cash outlay for LEDs within seven months. These savings have large appeal to energy conscious and efficient hotels, hospitality facilities and restaurants.


LED buyers recognize the value in LEDs in that by being energy efficient they are a means to lower operating costs significantly and in so doing increase net profits. In the hospitality industry, hotels are one of the biggest energy consumers. By opting to invest in LEDs they are being power conscious and limiting wattage usage – the net result is they use up to 90% less energy.


In addition to saving money in power consumption, these facilities are also reducing cost of replacement and the maintenance of “re-lamping.” LED general life expectancy is 35,000 to 50,000 hours compared to only a 6 month life expectancy (or 2,000 hours) of the average halogen or CFL bulb that is used for 12 hours per day.


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