Toplight International Building Materials Corp. (TIBM) Distributors and Sellers of the latest quality LED technology.
About Us
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Distributors and Sellers of latest quality LED technology.


Why buy LED lighting?:

LED lighting helps you save money while reducing power consumption and lowering your maintenance costs due to significantly longer lifespans than the product you replace. Our quality LED products are up to 90% more efficient and maintain the ambience intended by the designer on refit and rebuilds.


Why TIBM?:

We draw on 25 years of expertise in developing world class projects knowing how to balance quality product, savings, efficiency, replacement, and ambience. We provide quality bulbs that fit the ambience of world class properties – in hospitality, hotel, and restaurant facilities.


Who we are:

Mike Gillespie
Owner, President

A leader in sales for the past 20+ years, Mike has 15+ years’ experience specializing in sales, importation and distribution of products from Asia and Europe to North America. He is your point of contact and ensures that we specify your needs for product, quality, pricing and timing. He liaises with sourcing and manufacturing experts to ensure that we produce and deliver goods according to your specified needs.

Barb Gillespie
Owner, Administrator

With 20+ years’ experience as an independent business operator, for the last 8+years, Barb has specialized in importing goods for developers in North America. She produces quotes, confirms orders, oversees invoicing and payment processes, and ensures that the importation process runs smoothly.


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