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We have a solid line-up of quality LED products:


Chip-On-Board (COB) Technology


Our LEDs often use COB technology in combination with reflectors and lenses to create beautiful lighting that looks like the halogen lamps that they are made to replace. Many smaller LED chips are mounted on aluminum wafers and placed in the centre of an angled reflector. The LED chips are angled to hit a reflector that produces the desired beaming angle when projected through a lens. This technology eliminates the distasteful visual problem created by using only several large LEDs directed downward.

A19 LED Bulb A19 - The 60 WATT light bulb is gone. Finally we offer an LED solution to save electricity costs offering the proper lighting you expect.
PAR30 LED Bulb PAR 30 LED - Our Par 30 LED successfully mimics the look of a traditional halogen bulb by using our COB technology combined with a traditional reflector covered by an attractive lens. Warm white and dimmable, these LED lamps look like the halogen bulbs that they replace.
MR16 LED Bulb MR16 LED - Our low voltage MR16 lights use COB technology, a high sheen reflector and a unique patented driver that has been programmed to work with most transformers and dimmers. Dimmable to less than 5% and compatible with Inncom hotel room dimming systems, our MR16 LEDs are virtually impossible to discern from halogen MR16s when they are illuminated. Depending on the model, they will last 30,000 to 50,000 hours and save over 90% of the energy consumed by an equivalent 35 watt or 50 watt halogen bulb.
Candelabra LED Bulb (E12 base) Candelabra LED - Available in both E12 (small) and E26 (medium) bases, our Candelabra LEDs are best looking replacement available to replace traditional clear filament style incandescent bulbs. We use highly efficient sapphire LEDs glued to filaments and a best-in-class driver to create a lamp that will replace a 30 watt incandescent that draws only 1.2 watts. Our dimmable, warm white, 2 watt model will replace a 50 watt incandescent with a 30,000 hour lifespan.

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